Meet the Team

Chad Geyer, VP of Mortgage Lending

Chad is a VP of Mortgage Lending with Guaranteed Rate. With over a decade working in real estate finance, Chad possesses an extensive knowledge of retail and wholesale lending, secondary market transactions and underwriting guidelines. After graduating from University of California San Diego with a degree in Economics, Chad served in various mortgage banking roles including Account Executive, Area Manager and Vice President of Loan Acquisitions. Most recently he worked as a Mortgage Advisor for Alpine Mortgage Planning a division of Pinnacle Capital Mortgage. His knowledge combined with a commitment to providing exceptional service and dedication to a "Client First” mentality allows Chad to address his clients' most complex needs and ensures their complete satisfaction.

Chad’s passionate about mountain biking and enjoys exploring the outdoors with his wife Alicia and kids Austin and Sydney.

Aaron Waldo, VP Business Development

As Business Development Manager, Aaron works daily with Chad on developing new channels of business, deepening referral partner relationships and finding new and creative ways to add value to our partner’s bottom line. Aaron manages the inside sales team, sources and cultivates new referral partners and works with the team on vision, drive and motivation. He has an undergraduate degree from Cal Poly and graduated law school at University of Pacific (McGeorge) and has direct sales experience in the real estate, home security and electronics industries. 

But forget all that….he’s one of the most positive, upbeat and energetic people you will ever meet. If there is ever a day in the office where the energy is low, look out! Aaron will blast some music and make everyone get up and dance it out. In his free time, he loves to golf, hike and mountain bike.


Grace Thayer, Loan Coordinator

Grace is responsible for taking your loan from Approval to Closing.  She works with you on all underwriter requests, coordinates insurance policies, schedules the closing and ensures your loan closes on time every time.

Amy Steward, Mortgage Consultant

As Mortgage Consultant for the team, Amy shepherds the file from beginning to end coordinating with all parties in the transaction. As head party planner, Amy injects enough energy to the team to power a small city. If you find yourself on the phone with her before 9am, trust us, you won’t need your morning cup of coffee.

Bottom line, Amy is really good at what she does and makes sure each file not only closes on time, but that the clients have a lot of fun along the way.